April's Crochet Club Project is now available

I made this for my new granddaughter, Wren. I wanted something that will double up as a play blanket to put on the floor for her to sit on as well as a lovely blanket to throw over her on the sofa. But it also doubles up as a lovely summer tablecloth for the garden!

This has been sent to all Crochet Club Members this morning. I just love the colours. I used up lots of Baby Cashmerino that I have left over from other projects and it just reminds me how lovely Debbie Bliss's colour palette is. It's so easy to work with. 

Blanket door.jpg

March Crochet Club project

I don’t know why but I really love this month’s project. It’s a very simple concept…. dishcloths, but I love the stitch, I love the idea of not having to buy non-recyclable sponges and cloths and doing my very small bit to reduce plastics. When I get some free time, I will definitely be making these for everyone I know. I’m sick of my bins being full of non recyclable plastics!! 

I hope you love them and good luck and send me any photos or post up on Facebook: Nicki Trench Craft Group so we can all see them being used!

Go homemade dishcloths!!

Discloths March 2018.JPG

Rainbow Knits

Rainbow Knits will be released on the 13th March. It's a really lovely book with 20 projects in really colourful colours. There are some really beautiful projects in this book: Jumpers, Cardigans, Blankets, Hats, Scarves and much more.... 

I should be getting some copies in for the 13th March launch date. If you'd like to pre-order, please send me a message and I'll book you on. It will cost £12.99


On the other side

Well here I find myself on the other side of all the festivities. I've been away a lot over Christmas and New Year, spending it with family in Devon and Dorset. 

The big news is that my oldest daughter is having a baby, due in March and I know I should be concentrating on some new designs for a Crochet Along blanket that I'm planning for Spring, but my hands have just been itching to finish a lovely Fairisle baby cardigan for our new baby. It's big enough for a 9-month old, so I still have time.... but you know how these addictions go!

I had to undo it a couple of times because I thought I could make a short cut by not changing the size of my needles for the yoke section (I didn't take them with me to Devon), and it ended up far too wide at the neck, so I'm back on it again with smaller needles and my fingers firmly crossed. Here is where I'm up to so far.... still looking a bit big, but still unfinished and some more decreases on the next row.

This pattern is from an old Debbie Bliss baby knits book. Colours chosen by my daughter, and a very good choice I think. I love Fairisle!


Christmas Decorations

I've been thinking a lot about what decorations I can design for the crochet club this month. I saw all sorts of snowmen, christmas trees, garland.... all things I've designed before, so I wanted to come up with something different.

In the end, I thought about what I loved best on my tree, and that is of course.... baubles!!

So here are some Christmas baubles I've been making. They are now available to make for my Crochet Club members and also as a pattern download which you can buy in the Shop section of my website.

If you subscribe to the Club this month though, for only £3.50 per month, you'll get this pattern free as this month's project. 

Off now to think of the next Christmassy think I can do! Christmas tree now I think ... so that I can hang these beauties up!




Baby Inspiration

My eldest daughter is having a baby, which I am really delighted and excited about. And now I'm getting obsessed with baby knits and crochet stuff. 

I've started on knitting a little baby cardigan which I'm just finishing off, but wondering what to do next?.... Came across these lovely photos recently to give me a bit of inspiration.

Cable Jumper.jpg
Kids knitted hats.jpg
kids hat.jpg

Wedding Cakes

I'm starting a new business designing and making cakes!

Ok, I know this is a little diversion from knitting & crochet design, but I thought I'd expand out because I seem to be getting asked more and more for my cakes.

I used to do this years ago when my children were little and my cakes have been featured in Cosmopolitan Bride, You & Your Wedding, Bride and many more magazines. But in recent years this has lapsed as I've gone more into knitting & crochet design.

But now I'm relaunching my cake baking again and will be using all my designing skills that I have from my craft-based knowledge.

I haven't really stopped making wedding cakes throughout all my knitting & crochet designing and book writing - I've just been doing it for friends and family.

I've also, alongside knitting & crochet workshops have been running sugarpaste workshops teaching people how to make these gorgeous sugarpaste roses.

Here you'll find a few photos... I will be adding more shortly, as well as more info on prices and choices of cake flavours and fillings I'll be offering.

Here is a photo of my signature 'Roses' cake, that I've made dozens of times now and is easily the most popular .... so far!

If you're interested in a wedding cake or celebration cake, please do get in touch: nicki@nickitrench.com and take a look at more photos in the Wedding Cake section of this website.

August Crochet Club

I have a lovely Baby Cardigan this month .... I've discovered Aymara, the new Debbie Bliss yarn. It's just so gorgeous and soft and I want to make loads of things with this now.

I'm working on a Knitting Book at the moment and I've made a Bobble Hat and some gorgeous Armwarmers out of the wool. So that's three projectsful....


Village Shows

I strongly urge you to get out and go to a village fete. I went to our local fete: Glynde & Beddingham this weekend and despite the downpour half way through I absolutely loved it, particularly the produce tent, I wish I'd taken more photos. But I couldn't believe it when I saw that no one entered the Handicrafts section! All they needed was a knitted piece with a pattern! 

Guess what, I'm definitely entering next year. 

July Crochet Club Project is out now

I really hope you’re having a lovely summer. I’m working on a knitting book at the moment, so am knitting a lot! And trying to keep to the smaller projects during the day, so I don’t have a very hot woolly lap!

Thinking along the same lines, I thought it would be lovely to do a little project that you can wear. The bracelets in this month’s project are really ideal for summer. If any of you are going to any festivals, these are really great things to add to your armbands. I really love them and hope you do too.

This is also a quick reminder that my Crochet Along Blanket is nearly at the end. There have been 200 members and some really fantastic photos and feedback on our CAL Facebook Group. It’s not too late to join if you haven’t already…. There’s one more week until the last Part and the yarn packs will be available until then. After that, the pattern only will be available to buy. Here is the link to the yarn pack: https://www.nickitrench.com/shop/crochet-along-spring-2017-yarn-pack-uk

Some exciting news to come, I’ve been asked to do a Crochet Along Cushion for Designer Yarns (who are the yarn company for Debbie Bliss etc). The colour card has just landed in the post today and the colours are really gorgeous, so look out for that in a couple of months time. 


Lovely Review

Inside Crochet have reviewed the Crochet Along in their next issue...


CAL - Part 1 TODAY!!

I'm really excited to have released the CAL Part 1 today. 

I've also just been to the Post Office to post some more yarn packs, so people may start it a little late, but it really doesn't matter when you start....

On the way home though I stopped at my favourite garden centre and bought a pretty little Campanula for the garden. Colour inspiration all around at the moment ... already planning for the next CAL!


DY Choice DK, shade 50 Grey

I've just put some packs of DY Choice, shade 50 Grey up in my Shop to buy. It costs £21.90 for each pack.


Inside Crochet Review

Just received a really lovely review today from Inside Crochet for Crocheted Animal Hats:

Crochet Along Blanket is ready

The Crochet Along Blanket is ready!

This blanket design is influenced by my beautiful garden and the gorgeous flowers now emerging and will hopefully continue to bloom over the period of the Crochet Along period. I've been wanting to design a blanket like this for years. I originally saw a vintage pattern of a Kaffe Fassett knitted blanket design, full of little patchwork squares all randomly sewn together. It makes a very powerful and bohemian look and a very special blanket for you to make and keep forever.

Please order soon so that I can get the packs out in time for the starting date. 

There are some great skills and techniques and I will guide you through with step by step instructions and be there throughout the process to support and help you.

There are 5 parts to the blanket pattern, each which will be released over a 2-week period. Each part will give you instructions and the pattern for the squares in the Blanket.

Part 1 will start on Friday 19th May.

Part 2 will be released on the 2nd June.

Part 3 will be released on the 16th June.

Part 4 will be released on the 30th June.

Part 5 will be released on the 14th July.

The instructions will be sent to you by email on these dates. There will be instructions and support on Nicki's Blog and each member who joins will be joined into a private Crochet Along Facebook Group where you will receive support from Nicki and from others working on the blanket with you.

I realise that everyone has different time scales for making the blanket and you may not be able to finish each section within the two weeks. So I recommend that you do some of the squares for the current section during that period, so that you get the hang of them. Then put them to one side and continue to work on the section you're working on. You can always come back to see the comments on the Facebook Group and Blog later, and you can always contact me for advice.

The yarn pack has 8 shades of DY Choice DK yarn. There are 13 balls (100g) of yarn in the pack. The crochet hook recommended size is 4mm and this can also be bought on the Shop page. Although a tension square will need to be achieved for the correct size of the square, so the hook size may need to be changed to achieve the right tension. The large square is approx 6in and the smaller squares are approx 3in. The tension is based on my crochet and I crochet quite loosely!

I'm so excited to be launching my first ever Crochet Along and I hope you love the blanket as much as I do.

Easter tidy up

Happy Easter everyone! I love Easter weekend so much. It's lovely because my daughter was born on an Easter Monday nearly 25 years ago and she has the middle name of 'Blossom' to prove it. 

Today I've been trying to get rid of the white fly off my roses, generally tidy up and clear a space around the lounge so that I can spread out all the crochet squares that are going to take some organising and sewing up. 

While I was clearing out I found these gorgeous braids. I've had them for years but never found a good use for them. I bought them from a Souk (marketplace) in Muscat, Oman. Just love them, too good to waste packed away and squashed among the books on the shelf...

Not quite there, but nearly ...

I thought I'd give you just a little update. I've mainly been crocheting squares for the Crochet Along Blanket and I've done just a little tango in between with the most fantastic milonga (tango social dance) that I've been spending months organising. More time now for crochet... Here's a little photo of each. I'd like to think one is inspired by the other....


April Crochet Club project

Back from Seville last night and up till early hours finishing off the lining for the April Crochet Club Bag. I really love this bag. I'm going to use it as my new wool bag because it holds loads! If you're not a member, go to the Club page and join now! You will receive a past Club pattern as an bonus for joining too...

IMG_2523 copy.JPG