Crochet Along Blanket

I've now chosen all the colours for the Crochet Along Blanket. Here is the colour palette below using DY Choice DK yarns. At first I thought I would be designing a blanket inspired by Brighton Beach, but I've realised just how influenced I am by the seasons and I just can't get away from flowers right now and thinking of my garden and all the gorgeous colours that are coming soon. All being well and if I can get it finished in time, the Crochet Along Blanket should be available at the end of April. I will release more details of cost and how to buy it soon. I need to finish making it so I can calculate exactly how many balls it will take. It will be a 5-week crochet along - I know that much, because there are 5 different square designs, 1 large one and 4 small ones. Lots of gorgeous squares and with a floral theme. I'm just enjoying this SO much! Watch this space.


Crochet Along colour palette