On the other side

Well here I find myself on the other side of all the festivities. I've been away a lot over Christmas and New Year, spending it with family in Devon and Dorset. 

The big news is that my oldest daughter is having a baby, due in March and I know I should be concentrating on some new designs for a Crochet Along blanket that I'm planning for Spring, but my hands have just been itching to finish a lovely Fairisle baby cardigan for our new baby. It's big enough for a 9-month old, so I still have time.... but you know how these addictions go!

I had to undo it a couple of times because I thought I could make a short cut by not changing the size of my needles for the yoke section (I didn't take them with me to Devon), and it ended up far too wide at the neck, so I'm back on it again with smaller needles and my fingers firmly crossed. Here is where I'm up to so far.... still looking a bit big, but still unfinished and some more decreases on the next row.

This pattern is from an old Debbie Bliss baby knits book. Colours chosen by my daughter, and a very good choice I think. I love Fairisle!