Crochet squares

So other than dancing tango about 4 hours a day, the rest of the time I have been relaxing in the sun and crocheting squares for the Crochet Along Blanket. Here's one I'm working on today: it's a little tweed square, one of my favourite stitches, lovely and easy and very satisfying. Only another 61 to go! .... I've also put up a photo of the flowers I made. These are going to be turned into squares too. I'll take them to the airport with some wool and a hook - there's no point wasting valuable time sitting around in the departure lounge waiting for my flight home!


I'm in Seville for the week! Having a little holiday - well I say holiday - I made 26 flowers this morning for the centres of one of the Crochet along squares .... but the idea is to do some dance workshops and improve on my pivots and backward ochos ...

But it's so great to come away just to get inspired by all the colour and the culture and the everything... I love this city.... it has been raining since I arrived, so not many photos and not much chance to get out and about yet (hence the 26 flowers), but you can't fail to be inspired by the colour here ... .just look at these tiles in the lobby of my B&B and the orange blossom is out and then I found this tree with loads of oranges on it! I'm not entirely sure, but I think they must be from last season, but get the colours on this in contrast to the grafitti behind. The Spanish really know how to do bright around here...



Crochet Along Blanket

I've now chosen all the colours for the Crochet Along Blanket. Here is the colour palette below using DY Choice DK yarns. At first I thought I would be designing a blanket inspired by Brighton Beach, but I've realised just how influenced I am by the seasons and I just can't get away from flowers right now and thinking of my garden and all the gorgeous colours that are coming soon. All being well and if I can get it finished in time, the Crochet Along Blanket should be available at the end of April. I will release more details of cost and how to buy it soon. I need to finish making it so I can calculate exactly how many balls it will take. It will be a 5-week crochet along - I know that much, because there are 5 different square designs, 1 large one and 4 small ones. Lots of gorgeous squares and with a floral theme. I'm just enjoying this SO much! Watch this space.


Crochet Along colour palette

New Website

I'm very excited today. I'm creating a new website and working on designing the Crochet Along Blanket for Spring 2017. Now off to yoga before I spend the rest of the evening crocheting squares and fiddling with the website to make it really easy to navigate with lots of lovely pictures and details of my Crochet Club and new dates for the crochet workshops..